Working hours:
Tues.-Thurs. 18:00 - 01:00
Fri. - Sat. 18:00 - 02:00
Sun. 18:00 - 01:00
Closer look
Wherever you are – your way lays straight to the Cynic bar. Two floors of free-and-easy atmosphere and alcohol pleasures are waiting for you right in the heart of Riga.

Relax, get comfortable on the sofa, sip your cocktail, play Fighting or Pinball in the lounge on the ground floor. Or chat with our gabby barmen in the contact bar watching the exiting cocktail-making show on the 1st floor.

There is enough room for any company of friends and any action or party in our huge halls.
We invent, mix and serve spectacularly unique cocktails prepared according to our own recipes.

You will be impressed by tropical and lingering taste of 1st Impression. Mild sweet and sour Victoria Secret unlock it's (yeah, you guessed it!) secret of freshness. Our famous Pablo PiscoBar will blow your mind and make you forget about everything in 30 seconds! Or we could suggest something classical (but still cool!) like Porn Star.

Also we have rum (a LOT of it!), whiskey, vodka, bitters, cognac, gin, absinthe, liqueurs… (tired to list…we just have everything! :) Enjoy!
Even more important than cocktails!

Our conscious policy is: NO snobbery and glamour at the Cynic bar! Guests come to us to communicate at ease. Our team and visitors are extremely friendly and respectful to each other – even when a party is in full swing.

Talk, drink, rock and roll! Аnd a bit of spice – a bit of vintage.
We offer tasty snacks like guacamole nachos, roast beef bruschettа, meat and cheese platters, spring rolls with crab, shrimps in mango sause.

Also we have cool and hot music and retro arcades.

It's just impossible to leave the Cynic bar: it's merrier than a club and cozier than home here!

We come here,
when don't want to go
anywhere else.

When we want to go
somewhere else, we come here,
and don't want to go anywhere anymore.